Rough Cut


Crown the King


4 years of playin these music elements separately, never together, waiting for the words. Well the words finally came in about 2 hours on 11/30/2020 and then the elements came together. Time to share it.  

Crown the King 

things make your heart beat uneasy
see your life is made out of clay
why don't we wake up with a reason
and praise those with a purpose today

it still happens to be the best answer
these times when we're looking for cure
used to be it was taken for granted
our children grow up and mature

Give me peace,
give me hope,
give me strength make my life whole
when i own my soul if his grace i know
which endeavor will i grow, will i grow?

La da da da (build up)

Crown the King         * Crown the King
Lord of Lords                 Lord of Lords
x2     Son of God           x2      Son of God 
         King of Kings                 King of Kings
direction is not always taken
and miracles are not always seen
the gift of his blood our lord
was given to cleanse everything

Give me peace,
give me hope,
now lord give me strength, make my world whole
will i own my soul, when his grace i know
which endeavor that i know, i will grow

La da da da

If i would only roll with it
kneel down everyday and pray
i would take the rest of my days
and spread the word and sing his praise
Yea if i would only roll with it
set up everyday and pray
if i could take the rest of my life
open eyes to those in my dreams


Lyrics/Music by Scott Allen
All rights reserved 2020